The Minnesota Vikings and their fans suck. They feel inferior to the Packers in every way



30 thoughts on “The Minnesota Vikings and their fans suck. They feel inferior to the Packers in every way

    • My comment are through personal experience living in Minnesota among Vikings fans. They all have the small dog syndrome and are probably the worst fans I’ve ever seen for a team that has won nothing.

      For some reason Twins, Wild and Timberwolves fans are not the same. Perhaps because they don’t have the same jealous and inferiority complex to those teams in Wisconsin. SKOLOLOL!!

      • Hey Sally. Mommy have your gubmint cheese samich ready? How long has it been that you’ve been living in her basement?

      • Yeah, that’s it. Let me guess – you’re 6’2″, with six-pack abs. And you obviously know nothing about firearms – please do some research before you try to bluff. Really – you’re a fucking simpleton. Poser.

      • Tell us all, you dumb-fuck, the name of your “Fortune 100,” company you’re the VP of operations for. You are a fucking poser. Time to come clean, little girl n

      • Why would I do such a thing like that so you can stalk me? I’ll give you a hint though. I can see the Vikings ugly stadium being built out my window. You sound angry. It must be because I proved you to be a poser firearm “expert”. Vikings fans are known to just make things up to suit their argument. Luckily for you I am here to show you the facts!

    • Yep. Poser. I couldn’t care less about you. You are a complete poser. By the way, do you get extra if you sell a pair socks with every pair of shoes you sell? Or are you the “night manager?” You’re exposed, little girl.

      • You really “exposed” me! Of course, not with any facts. The only one exposed is you with your made up firearms knowledge. I noticed you haven’t mentioned that one at all after I made you look like just another typical Viking fan who makes shit up.

  1. Buddy, you are wayyyy too into football. Get a girlfriend. Or if you have one, get a pretty one.

    Hint: You have to head West and cross the border to find the pretty ones.

  2. People that worship sports to the point of having a blog to make fun of another persons loyality to a team, has wayyyy to much time on there hands. If you havent noticed by now that NFL is all fixed and the winner has already been determined, just ask peyton manning whens hes holding up the trophy and retiring a “winner”. The sport is a joke just like you!!

  3. Who has a blog? It is created when you sign up for a wordpress account. I just spent all of 30 seconds adding some crap about the Vikings. It would be impossible to fix the NFL given the circumstances. Why didn’t the NFL make Manning the SB champ last year? LOL My guess is that you are a bitter Vikings fan who can’t come to grips that the best player in franchise history turned out to be a scumbag.

  4. Get a life loser, you are a pathetic little man. Every post is about the Vikings, I would seriously question who has the inferiority complex.

    • I had enough with you pathetic inferior Vikings trolls like Ariel1985, PFT Poet and In Teddy We Trust on every Packer article, so I finally decided to return the favor. Notice you just found me now as a relatively new commenter? Thank your fellow Vikings trolls. It would be easier if you just accept the fact that the Packers >>>>>>>>>>> Vikings… and in history.

      • Hey poser, tell how the “VP of Operations of a Fortune 100 company,” finds the time to post so much on PFT. Really – come clean. You lied, and everyone knows it. You’re a loser, but you make it worse when you lie. What are you, like 17? Funny how loser and poser are almost the same word and both apply to you.

  5. So let me get this straight . . . you claim the Vikings and their fans are the worst . . . and you dedicate an entire word press site to them? Are you familiar with the term, “irony?” You have made it official that you are obsessed with the Vikings and their fans. You are a loser . . . and you made it irrefutable with this site.

    • Yes. It took me all of 2 minutes to add a wordpress site via my PFT account to troll you clowns back. All you have to do is blame your fellow Vikings trolls who are obsessed with the Packers and then disappear when the season starts.

      So consider this my response to you fucking clowns!

      • you check it and get emotional about it. Sounds like an obsession. You rant about Viking trolls, so what do you do? Troll Viking articles. Very mature.

        You may want to seek counseling. I’m sure you can get the gubmint to fund it for you. You are laughable.

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